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A breakthrough natural product that may assist with eliminating discharge and stains from around the eyes, mouth and feet of your pet.

A grooming aid for all breeds of cats and dogs; developed and prepared with organic human edible quality, nutrient rich herbs, vitamins and concentrates.  Our special all natural formula is especially suited to animals with allergies as it contains no wheat, preservatives, fillers or artificial colours of flavours.

Proven to safely minimise stains from around the eyes, mouth and feet. 
Glow Groom™ can simply be added to your pets regular food or snack, to help minimise tear stains from their coat.  Other tear stain products on the market require rubbing around the eyes or other difficult maintenance. With Glow Groom™ you will not need to use bleach, peroxide or any other topical product that may cause allergies and irritation to your pets.


Glow Groom's natural ingredients assists in minimising staining without interfering with the animals natural tear production. 

Glow Groom™ does not remove existing stains nor is it a quick or temporary fix to the problem.  It is a proven product that works on the underlying cause, to gradually reduce weepy eyes and tear and coat stains at the source.

A holistic approach to the overall health and well-being of your pet that supports healthy coat and skin and may also assist with bad breath.

Glow Groom™ provides an exceptional solution for pet tear and coat stains.  Discover the difference yourself by ordering today. Glow Groom is made with completely natural ingredients – give your pets the Glow Groom™ sprinkle of perfection!

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