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About Us

PetFX™ is a family owned business in Australia that offers personal service and advice to our clients and their furry friends. Our focus is on using and promoting products that are all natural, safe for us and our pets, as well as being highly effective.

We stock a select range of natural products including the revolutionary Glow Groom™ tear stain remedy from the USA and PetzLife Products for oral care, fleas and ticks.

We have a genuine passion for animals and a large pet family ourselves of three dogs (Mikki, Abbi and Tia) and two cats (Pookie and Meesha).  The arrival in 2008 of Tia our Maltese puppy, led us upon a search both in Australia and overseas for a solution to her tear staining problem.

After spending many wasted dollars on ineffective topical products; this search led to the discovery of oral supplements available in the USA; which after extensive trials, we found to be both simple to use and extremely effective.

Our quest to continually build on our success in supplying the best and most cost effective tear stain products on the market, has provided us with the opportunity to work in conjunction with one of the leaders in tear stain solutions in the USA to develop our own Australian owned brand – Glow Groom™.

Glow Groom New Zealand

We are thrilled to bring Glow Groom™ to New Zealand through the appointment of well respected champion dog breeders and successful show winners 'Parkavon'. Their expert knowledge and enviable track record in show competition over many, many years positioned Parkavon as the perfect NZ distributor to ensure our loyal customers are well served across New Zealand. We are delighted to have them represent our products and look forward to building our relationship and continuing to provide our existing and new clients with the very best in pet care products on the market.

Stef - Glow Groom

A Glowgroom success
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