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Just Sprinkle a little
Glow Groom powder on your pets food and let Glow Groom
do the rest!

Check you are purchasing the right amount for your pet by referring to our dosage chart

Glow Groom

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100% Natural Show Dog Grooming Products

Glow Groom was formulated to eleminate unsightly tear staining for your pet. For those of you who participate in Dog Show events, Glow Groom will become an INDISPENSIBLE product in your grooming repitoire. But Grow Groom alone will not create a show winning coat. That takes

a great deal of knowledge, care and specifically formulated products to work across all breeds.

For all the show dog owners we recommend the Plush Puppy range of dog grooming products. Developed specifically to bring out the best in your dogs attributes Plush Puppy is another Australian produced range which is 100% Natural using the finest ingrediants and botanicals. Plush Puppy is used by the worlds top groomers with many of the international Best of Breed winners prepared and maintained using these products. Plush Puppy is distributed in New Zealand by Parkavon Imports and can be purchased online here.

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